Introducing CHiME!

Furniture Type: Booths & Settees

Something about the whimsical Wave brings out the kid in us. It reminds us of scraped knees and ice cream cones and summers spent tearing around the neighborhood on our bikes. We’re all grown up now, and the Wave’s intriguing combination of fancy and flair appeals to both our inner child and our adult desire […]

The intersection of organic and industrial materials creates visual sparks in this eye-catching booth. With a cleanable laminate substrate and plush back and seat cushions, the Vector booth will be an enduring and essential feature of your décor.

This booth’s strong, geometric lines are reminiscent of the urban architectural elements by which the booth was inspired. The Transit booth’s upholstered and steel elements can be customized to suit the most sophisticated color palettes.

We reached for the sky when designing this booth, which is available in sustainable materials and finishes. Inspired by bright lights, big cities, and breathtaking aerial views, the Skyline will infuse any space with urban glam.

Rigo. Say it aloud with a Spanish accent. We guarantee it will send shivers down your spine. Rigo. What a dreamboat. You are Fabio on the cover of a romance novel. You are Tony Bennett crooning “The Way You Look Tonight”. Oh, Rigo, you make us swoon. Your slick design has stars in our eyes, […]

Take a seat in this booth and enjoy the undeniable sensory responses of comfort, relaxation, and serenity. With a plush seat and invitingly contoured back, the Response booth is sure to create a singular seating experience for all.


Mod is more than just mini skirts, bright colors, and bell bottoms – it’s a vanguard sense of style. Our Mod booth embodies the innovative, artful spirit of innovative fashion and ingenious design.

The formula for successful seating is simple. Classic Design + Low Maintenance Finishes = A booth that will stand the test of time. Our Metro booths exemplify this formula. They were the first booths in our product line and set lofty standards in quality and style for all future booth incarnations.

You could call it the Sam Spade of seating options. The slick Infusion booth with upholstered seat and back has all the mysteries of ingenious design solved – durability, versatility, and effortless style.

There are certain elements implicit to any well-designed booth – comfort, durability, and straightforward style. Our ImpliSit booth features all of these crucial elements and will never fail to provide a pleasureable seating experience to your customers.