Introducing CHiME!

About CHi

At Charter House Innovations, we design, manufacture, and deliver custom seating and décor.

We believe the key to creating a unique and inviting interior environment is innovative design. Our company leads the market by incorporating new technology and materials while maintaining competitive pricing. Our team’s approach to design and manufacturing creates continuity between your branding and the experience your customer has when they walk through your doors.

Incorporating sustainable materials and environmentally responsible practices into our products, processes, and designs is a company standard. We source materials from local suppliers to enhance our community’s economy and minimize our carbon footprint.

A strict recycling program is in place throughout our company. All paper, cardboard, wood, laminate, plastic, and metal materials are recycled. Most packaging materials received in-house are reused, and when possible, multiple projects are shipped together.

Customer Support

Our team of
nationwide professionals make client support top priority.

Regional account managers help you personalize your seating & décor with on-site visits and presentations. Project managers follow projects from start to finish to ensure high-quality and on-time product. Our customer service department is on-call to provide support and meet your specific needs for additional products.


With four accredited design schools in close vicinity, we hire only the best designers available and offer you the collective talents of one of the largest in-house interior design teams in the country.

We design each project to suit your personal aesthetic and increase your sales by attracting customers to your space.

Visualizing a better tomorrow has driven us to
become an industry leader in LEED. With the knowledge and experience of our on-staff LEED Accredited Professionals, your interior can be designed to meet LEED Certification and ultimately become a sustainability showcase.

Our design package includes hand renderings, tangible color boards, complete working drawings, 3D renderings and custom artwork.


CHi is dedicated to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, so your dreams of green grandeur can be realized with ease.

Operating in our combined 402,000 square foot production facilities in Zeeland and Holland, MI, our craftsmen bring interiors to life by manufacturing upholstered furniture, partition walls, tables and chairs — essentially the entire interior environment.

With our main office located in one of two furniture capitals in the country, an excellent supply of local resources are readily available.

CHi was the first seating and décor supplier for the QSR market to offer FSC® Certified Wood Options. We use high quality materials with no additional urea-formaldehyde.

To further improve indoor air quality, our manufacturing process uses high quality, low VOC adhesives and glues, and our shop applied adhesives meet LEED standards. Durable and low VOC general contractor finishes are specified on a regular basis.

'LEED' and related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used by permission. 'FSC' and related logo is a trademark owned by the Forest Stewardship Council® and is used by permission. © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

A Culture of Care

Our one rule—use good judgment in all situations.

We strive to create a customer-first service mentality and do so in an honest and ethical way. We deliver compelling value, treat people with respect, and ensure that hard work and results are rewarded. We don’t teach core values, we seek out those who share our core values. Trusting your coworkers and giving them the freedom to make decisions is paramount to a healthy and productive workplace.