Introducing CHiME!

Furniture Type: All Furniture

Make a style statement by lining your patio space with CityVū Fencing. Upgrade this durable outdoor fencing, comprised of stainless or powder-coated steel and decorative recycled material, by adding eye-catching planter boxes to house flowers and greenery.

This sleek waste receptacle with decorative wood panels and stainless steel framing sustains the style and sophistication of our outdoor furniture package. The decorative paneling, mainly comprised of residual softwood fiber, is derived from rapidly renewable pine wood.

Add color and fun to outdoor seating with this lively, maintenance-free planter. Enhance the fresh, summery appeal of your outdoor eating space by filling the earth-friendly decorative wood panels and stainless steel frame with bright flowers and plants. The decorative paneling, mainly comprised of residual softwood fiber, is derived from rapidly renewable pine wood.

Great Lakes inspire great outdoor furniture. This line is inspired by Lake Huron’s majestic natural beauty – sun dappled forests, rocky beaches, and waters as vast and breathtaking as any of the great oceans. The tables, benches, planters, and waste receptacles of the Huron Line feature the beauty of natural wood without the maintenance issues […]

This aluminum and stainless steel fence containing 25% recycled content is the perfect complement to our outdoor seating package. Available in various lengths, our attractive and functional fence will boldly define any outdoor space.

They say you can dress for success, but can sitting make you smarter? We like to think so. A brief respite in our Think lounge chair is guaranteed to increase your IQ or at least give you the appearance of mental superiority. The versatile Think chair is available with a retractable tablet arm – use […]

Treat your valued customers and guests to the ultimate relaxation experience – the Swoop chair. Concave arm rests, sumptuous cushions, and lush upholstery are a few of this lounge chair’s most calming features.

We like your Moxie, kid. With enough confidence and comfort for lounging or dining, the Moxie chair’s stylish spunk and durability make it the perfect seating option for any space.

Do you remember that girl in high school, the one all the boys wanted to date and all the girls wanted to be? That’s our Mod2 chair. In a sea of blah, this beauty has a little something extra. The French call it “je ne sais quoi” – that inexplicable sparkling something that separates plain […]

If the Bucket chair was a cookie, it would definitely be chocolate chip. Just try to pass by this little slice of deliciousness without stopping to admire the sleek, modern design and plush contours. The Bucket chair has everything but that fresh-from-the oven aroma that reminds you of mom and the holidays and that golden […]